Commission status: OPEN.

Currently available slots: infinite, potential waiting list

Prices have been last edited on: 20.01.2019

Commission information:

Note: All of these will get you a digital 300dpi ready-to-print .png file, usually in A4 unless otherwise specified.

A colored sketch is a sketched lineart, fully shaded and colored.

A rendered image is a clean lineart, fully shaded and colored.

A lineless version indicates that I paint over the sketch so that most of it will be gone in the final picture. Note that this is only an option for sketches.


    • Headshot   
      • colored sketch 30€
        • lineless +5€
      • rendered 40€ 
    • Portait (down to waist/mid-thigh)
      • colored sketch 50€
        • lineless +15€
      • rendered 80€
    • Full Body Pose
      • colored sketch 65€
        • lineless +25€
      • rendered 120€
    • Scene (usually multiple characters in a background)
      • colored sketch starting at 100€
        • lineless depending on subject
      • rendered starting at 150€
Special Offers:
  • Cel Shaded Portrait – 50€
    • get yourself a gorgeously* cel shaded portrait of your choice, complete with lineart and a simple background!

*may or may not be all that gorgeous, given that I usually do not do cel shading.

  • Valentine’s Day Discount for Queers:
    • Commission me to draw a queer OC/yourself, if you’re queer and you get 20% off any type of commission!
    • Runs until 14th of February.


  • Images for Vocaloid PV’s:
    • I will do art for your original song for free if you’re just starting out in the Vocaloid field. I will not do full animations or animated PV’s but I will happily provide single images or even a series of images with minor changes (e.g. open/closed eye versions, different mouths/expressions, etc.) This will be done on a collaboration basis and I would like to get full credit for anything I do for your video. I do have video editing software I use for my own originals so if you are in dire need of a video, do drop me an email! ♥
    • If you are not new to producing Vocaloid songs, I am also open for doing PV’s, just not for free. The prices are based on my normal commission prices above but minor things like different expressions, etc. likely still will be free. Do write me an email if you’re interested and we can see if we can work something out!
Price Transparency:

These prices are based on 15€/hour. This may seem high at first but do note that the current German minimum wage is at shortly above 9€/h, while the current discussion may result in a raise to 12€/h by the end of the year. Given that I am doing custom work on demand for way below the industry standard price for illustrations, this is a very fair price for you.

  • No nonconsensual erotica
  • No racist, homophobic or otherwise harmful contents (unless it’s for activism against discrimination)
  • NSFW depends on idea, mild NSFW is likely to be alright, though.
  • I will draw almost any sort of gore.
  • At least one piece of visual reference is mandatory
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for reasons not stated here.
Terms of Use:
  • For personal and non-commercial use only!
    • You may use this as your social media icon if you credit me in your profile
    • You may use this in non-commercial projects if you credit me in your project’s credits
    • You may print it on products/paper for personal use only. This includes printing it on a gift for a friend or family member. 
    • You may NOT sell any products using the image unless we have agreed on it.
  • You may NOT sell this in any kind of way.
  • If you wish to use your commission for commercial purposes, please do drop me an email as I am open for any kind of commercial project. The prices, however, will increase depending on the workload.
    1. Check whether commissions are open and/or commission slots are available
    2. Carefully read the contents of this page
    3. Choose a type of commission from above
    4. Drop me an email with your desired commission type and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact information is on this website’s contact page.
    5. After we agree on a commission I will send you a Paypal invoice that you will need to pay 50% of before I begin working on your commission. These 50% usually are non-refundable. This is to ensure that we both get what we want – you your image and I my money.
    6. I will then send you a rough sketch of what your final commission will look like. If you’re satisfied with it, you will need to pay the remaining 50% before I finish/hand over your commission.  Please do correct everything you’re dissatisfied here as I will only do minor adjustments on final pieces. Do not worry about remembering this, though, I will ask you during the process as well!
    7. You will receive your finished commission within 2 weeks* after you’ve approved the sketch. (Note: I generally do not refund finished commissions. Should your financial situation change mid-commission, please notify me ASAP and we’ll find a solution together.)
    8. IMPORTANT: I will never charge you for asking, so don’t be afraid! ♥

*note that scene commissions and commissions with lots of difficult details may take significantly longer to complete.

For examples, please take a look at my gallery!