Free Stuff

Hello there. This is a collection of all the stuff you can get for free – like CSP brushes or textures and the like – conveniently gathered in this one place.


All of this stuff may not be distributed elsewhere – not even if it’s altered and neither for free nor for money.
You are, however, free to use these resources in your commercial products – as long as there’s enough of your own making in there too.
(e.g. Selling stickers with some cute characters that have these sparkles? Cool! Sell ’em. Selling stickers with JUST these sparkles or barely anything else? NOT cool, don’t do that.)


Sparkly Rainbow Brushes (for CSP)

These are some SUPER FANCY sparkly rainbow brushes for CSP. They’re large, (up to 2480x2480px!), they’re blopsy, they’re magnificent. Do not be surprised by their dark color – the glorious glow is only visible when you set the layer they’re on to “Add (Glow)”.
Just experiment a little!

Download Sparkly Rainbow Brushes here!